You gathered for fishing, prepared gear, bait, other accessories and at some point the question arose – is it effective bait for fish that you have. There are a lot of offers on the market that are aimed at different categories of customers. Of course, you can make a bait yourself, from the simplest ingredients, provided that you know exactly what and in what proportions to mix. The biting conditions can be very different and negatively affect the activity of the fish and the number of bites. There is a question – how to change the course of fishing for the better? For these purposes, the FishXXL bite activator was created.

FishXXL Composition

As a result of a three-year research of specialists, a universal and effective composition was chosen that helps to catch predatory and peaceful fish. The result of their work was the appearance on the market of fishing products for the activator of the bite FishXXL.

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This spray for winter fishing stimulates the fish and gives a very good result, because it has very effective components:

  1. Oil of cannabis. Its effect on the fish of the carp family is confirmed not only by scientific research, but also by many generations of anglers.
  2. Squid protein. This ingredient is to the liking of predatory fish.
  3. Calf lime. An exotic ingredient that most fish like.
  4. Elephant garlic.  Makes fish bad and hungry.

In the winter, fishing becomes difficult. After all, when low temperatures occur, the effect of ordinary bait is markedly reduced or does not occur at all. Many substances of interest to fish cease to dissolve in water and give off their smell to their environment. Bait FishXXL, dissolves even in cold water, attracting fish from different places of the reservoir, causing it to lose caution as it approaches the montage with bait.

Its composition includes four components, which are so popular with different species of fish. This is very important, because the potential fishing gear simply physically can not perceive more than four smells, and ordinary baits become ineffective at temperatures below ten degrees. The FishXXL activator preserves the action of active substances in it, even at low temperatures.


Advantages of bait:

  • The effectiveness of the activator spray is confirmed by appropriate certificates;
  • In your fishing box, the activator will not take up much space.
  • The universality of the bait application, is confirmed by its “work” as a world fish, and predator.
  • The spraying device makes it easy to process bait.
  • The appetite wakes up even at the most cautious and inactive fish.
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The bait starts to act in 10-15 minutes, and if there is fish in your pond, the bites will certainly please you. The activator spray actively affects the sense of smell of fish, irritating the nerve receptors, sensitive to the smell of food. In the future, the signal enters the brain, which causes the body to intensify its activities. The fish begin to search for the bait that interested her.

What kind of fish can you catch with FishXXL?

  • Predatory fish attracts a thick consistency of the spray – activator. It reacts to the smell of FishXXL at a considerable distance and begins to move towards the source of the smell.
  • Not predatory fish , which is found in remote water bodies, actively reacts to the emerging smell and taste of FishXXL bait, and willingly studies it, tasting it.
  • Cautious fish , responsive to the dark brown color of the bait, against which she feels safe.


The bait is processed right before casting into the fishing point. It does not matter what your hook will look like: corn, bloodworm, larva. To process it is very simple. A few clicks are sufficient, depending on the intensity of the fishing and the strength of the current. The bait for peaceful fish is enough to process two – four times, to a predator or cautious fish – from seven to eight times.

After three bites, you need to apply FishXXL again to refresh the smell. Timely processing will allow you to enjoy fishing, which you may not have felt for a long time. For winter fishing, it fits the best way, which is confirmed by the reviews of the participants in the competition for winter fishing.

Where to buy FishXXL?

Buy the spray activator bite FishXXL can be on the official website of the manufacturer at a low price with a 50% discount. You can also agree on courier delivery.

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Buy a store or pharmacy spray activator FishXXL is not yet possible, as the manufacturer tries to prevent the interception of production by scammers. This absolutely excludes the penetration of fakes on the market. And the cost of the product does not change and does not apply to intermediaries.

Real feedback

Often fishermen complain about the lack of biting, although they create the most favorable conditions for this. Various mixtures are prepared at home, and then they are encouraged to fish in every possible way. Thanks to a long study of the predilections of individual species and families of fish, determine the most attractive components that could provide an excellent and rich catch. Spray for the bite FishXXL has collected all the fish smells most desired for fish, it helps to entice fish and catch it without difficulty. The medium is in great demand in trade. Fisher-athlete, Tikov AA
Often, long preparation for fishing and all our fishing tricks do not give the result that you yourself want. Visiting fishing shops sellers offers a lot of money, but this is all chemistry, which does not attract fish, but also repels it. I tried a lot of money, including my own preparations. Then he saw an advertisement on the Internet and doubted, but a low price attracted, and I decided to try. The result was instant. The fish went large and did not take long to wait.
Eugen 35 years old
I attend winter and summer fishing. I’m doing it all year round. I’m leaving for large and distant ponds. Therefore, it is often very painful, when you arrive almost 500 kilometers, you do not get a catch. Means have tried mass. You can not be surprised by the fish you cook yourself, so something new is required. A friend took off the description of the FishXXL spray for the catch, and I decided to try it. The result showed itself immediately, came home with a large catch, and the wife prepared a wonderful dinner from the prey.
Nicolo, 31 years old
The fishing experience is already great for me, I like to fish big for bait, trying to catch a good fish of large sizes. Networks do not attract me, I love fair and fair fishing by all means. But here you often have to go home without a catch. Of course, you try to attract the fish with all sorts of baits, but the big fish is not so foolish and stupid, its actions are also thought out. Ordering myself a spray for the bite FishXXL, I saw a significant difference! I had to get stronger lines and always take a pike perch for a large pike, because fishing went well! Andrew. 44 years old
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